Life in Hanoi

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lessons to learn

Long staying guest
An American named Michael from Washington D.C. was stayed in the hotel for a month as vacation. A nice room in the old wing was given to him. His hair style looked like 1970s yuppies and it seemed that he love travelling alone. During which, he met some friends who brought me for a visit to a local factory; he was interested in buying the banner “happy new year” in Vietnamese and was offered FOC by a shop who aren’t selling that banner but was amazed by his second return, which they promised to sell him for his second visit…

Losing pyjama
A lady used the laundry service for her first visit and was responded by the receptionist that her clothes will be return to her room for her second visit a few days later. When she returned, she claimed to lose a pair pyjama which cost 100 USD. The Laundry Department can’t find the pyjama anymore and the FO Director came to resolve the problem by offering her upgrade. She was infuriated with this proposal and requested to talk with the manager.

Demand discount on printing materials
The guest Mr. Kramer, Albert, room 311, demanded a discount of 50% for printing 200 pages of document. Turned out giving him a discount of 0.1 cent per page-

Bag snatched issue
A lady’s bag was snatched by somebody in a shop. Luckily she didn’t lose anymore, but she would like to claim insurance. It is complicated to report such a case to the police, normally will last for a few hours. The police need to know the exact place where the bag had been snatched and the time. As they can only speak Vietnamese, the security guards have to record this issue and make a report and bring them to the police station.

A pair of shoes in other guest’s suitcase
A lady with a pair of shoes told the bellboy to keep for her and the bellboy though the suitcase next to that lady was hers and so after a while he put the shoes inside that suitcase. Regrettably, the suitcase was for another Australian guest. This issue warns the bellboy never open guests’ suitcases.

The lady was pissed after knowing that her beloved shoes were put in another guest’s suitcase. Luckily she will go to Australia next week and hopefully she will find that guest.


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