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Friday, January 28, 2005

Dog meat evening

I joined the dog meat dinner with all the cashiers, around 10 guys. We went to the famous dog’s meat zone, in the middle road of the north of West Lake. Though I know Chinese eat dog’s meat, I have never tried personally. So it’s good to have a try. The restaurant was in fact a local house. We sat on the floor, with table clothes scattered on the ground, and the waiters put everything there. We had one type of sauce, the shrimp sauce with squeezed lemon juice, and we ate steamed dog and marinated dog dipped in the sauce with dog’s meat leaves. Truly, it is difficult to explain the taste of dog, sometimes it’s like eating beef and sometimes like the fat of pork.
Westerners can’t stand of eating dog as they pretend to be “kind” and “generous”. They can eat all kinds of animals with different types of cooking method but can’t stand of dog because dog’s is the man’s best friend. Nonsense, huh. It’s just that dog hasn’t been regarded as a common cuisine.
After on, we had the second activity: singing karaoke. I already had a feeling that I am going to be bored during the singing as most of the songs are in Vietnamese. There were lots of traditional English songs which I have never heard of. What stroke me was that they ordered some girls to play with. You can imagine what they did. I will post some pics afterward. I refused for those girls as I don’t know...Was I afraid of the inexperience in handling girls or the later that I regard myself as somebody who do “ the right thing” or afraid of them spreading rumours about me of playing with girls as well? Who knows…


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