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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I was training as cashier for the past four days and I started to do treasure hunting or searching everything related to this Department. One of the funniest parts is reading the refund files.
1. In low season, our hotel will have a hot deal promotion to attract guests in a relatively low price, but the condition is that no amendment and modification could be made after confirmation. However, there are lots of special cases that change this rule. For instance, a lady was sick with breast cancer and so she cannot stay in our hotel. She wrote many letters describing her conditions and finally we only charged her 1 room night only.
2. Another case is guests booked with a package but they don’t know that the package include rooms so they reserve a room, meaning that they booked twice for the same period in different methods. After continuous complaining, we waived the no-show fee on this occasion only.
3. Sometimes, guest blamed the media that the hotel didn’t receive their cancellation on time. In particular, guests want to cancel their room but due to email problem or telephone communication problem in Halong Bay. The results are: refund to them, “waive this no-show charge as an exceptional case”.
4. If you want to get some refund from the hotel, complain with details please!!! Mr. Robinson, John Nicholas is a typical case. He complained about the food in spices garden. In his letter, he said that chicken was not fully cooked, fish was greasy, the staff was tire and lack of direction, there were no explanation on food, the waiters did not clear debris from the table and so desert were served in messy table. Result: total refund of that meal.
Of course there are more cases, such as credit card companies ask the hotel to refund with different reasons or the hotel made mistakes on guest accounts, you name it.
Exchanging money
The most unforgettable part as cashier is exchanging money from guests. Sometimes guest will give us travellers check or other currencies for exchanging local currency. The point is that we do not have electronic machines and so we put all the money in one large drawer, in which money were placed disorderly. The trouble I face all the time is getting the correct amount as Dong is so large. Imagine, for 100 USD, you can get 1 million 40 thousand 5x dollars


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